ChemMatrix® Resin


The research and development team at Matrix Innovation took advantage of the earlier advances in peptide science and resin developments to create a new improved resin. Based on the positive effects of PEG on peptide purity, Matrix Innovation invested 6 years in the development of ChemMatrix®, a totally PEG resin. The structure is formed of primary ether bounds to procure optimal chemical stability. The PEG length and matrix structure were selected to obtain loading range comparable to polystyrene. Use of ChemMatrix® resins leads to greatly improved crude purity of long, complex or hydrophobic peptides when compared to polystyrene resins.

In 2009, Matrix Innovation signed a licence agreement with PCAS BioMatrix, a division of PCAS. Under the terms of this agreement, PCAS BioMatrix acquired the rights to manufacture and commercialize the ChemMatrix resin, a 100% PEG polymer developed and patented by Matrix Innovation.

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