Custom Synthesis/R&D projects

Matrix Innovation is a leader in polymer development and innovative chemistry on solid support. We have many exciting new projects underway and incoming new products in SPPS, supported reagents and scavengers. Matrix Innovation also offers a full range of custom chemical synthesis for the chemical industry. Our team of chemists is experienced and skilled at performing complex and multi-step synthesis. We can offer prompt quotation from grams to kilograms, very competitive prices and high quality products that can meet your requirements. When you work with Matrix Innovation, you benefit from the following features:

  • Synthetic design and optimization: extensive literature search to ensure that the chemical pathway chosen is the most efficient and optimized route available.
  • Small to large scale capabilities: custom synthesis available from gram to multi-kilogram scale.
  • Full quality control: access to HPLC, HPLC-MS, MS, NMR, loss on drying, optical rotation, UV spectrophotometer, elemental analysis and microscope enable us to certify the quality of the final products.
  • Low cost and high efficiency: our efficient team of chemists ensure low overheads, excellent communication and flexibility in a project.
  • Project management: we will keep you updated regularly on the progress of your project.

Please contact our R&D department to discuss your needs.